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I am Márton Nagy founder of MDelta.
I created M Delta with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers with unique electronic hardware, software development and consulting services using the latest technologies available according to the strictest standards.

Do you have a good idea would like to implement but not enough capacity?
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Nagy Márton

Why choose us?


We see a business successful when all parties involved are satisfied therefore, we always do everything we can to ensure that our customers have no reason to complain.


As time = money is very important for us when your product can be launched on the market so we pay extremely high attention to meeting deadlines.


We give warranty to electronic devices manufactured by us also we guarantee our customers to receive excellent quality work.


Consulting and concept development

  • You want to design electronic devices but not sure if the given solution would be working?
  • An existing solution should be further developed?
  • You do not know the specific standards?

Our consulting services team is ready to help you finding the best Schematic design concept whether if it is a technical or a cost optimizing, you can save a lot of effort and money with it. Our highly experienced Team whose members worked in a lot of fields of the electronic industry will support your project with pleasure, whenever you need help.

áramkör tervezés és szimuláció

Schematic circuit design and simulation

We undertake the design, sizing and simulation of various circuits based on the specifications developed by your company or jointly with us.
Our team's extensive knowledge and experience in electronics also facilitates the design of the most specialized circuit solutions, supported by a number of successful projects and satisfied customers.
It is a critical aspect to implement the given solution as simply as possible because in addition to saving parts, the number of possible errors can also be reduced. Another important parameter is that easy-to-obtain components are installed but great emphasis is also placed on the fact that they are exactly suitable for the given application so that the value for money can be kept at an optimal level. We believe in professional solutions, sustainability, environmental protection and of course customer satisfaction are important to us, so the devices we design remain functional well beyond the warranty period.

Main areas of our expertise

  • Power management – AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC converters up to 1kW
  • Electric vehicle Charge Controller (AC-Charger).
  • Motor Drivers up to 1kW
  • Embedded Systems
  • IoT and Ultra Low Power Systems
  • LED Drivers
  • Analog and Small Signal Amplifyers
  • Datalogger, Test- and Interface Systems.
  • Mechatronics.
  • Software Development

You can also contact us if you do not find the right field for your application in the list, as we can offer solutions to almost any problem!

PCB Layout design and prototyping

In order to get a physically existing device from schematics, you need a PCB Layout design and prototype manufacturing. This step is at least as critical as the circuit diagram itself, as it significantly affects the life of the finished device - both mechanically and thermally - and a well-designed panel will greatly help match that equipment in an EMC test.
Let us make this task for you!
We have significant experience in the design of Automotive, Industrial and Consumer grade printed circuits taking into account EMC standards and mechanical specifications. The printed circuit technology we use can be Rigid-PCB, Semiflex, or Flex-PCB, HDI-PCB, dielectric according to conventional FR4, or even special high-frequency materials (such as Rogers). For applications with high dissipation, even PCBs with a metal substrate (Aluminum or Copper).
To have a full service, we are not only providing you prototype manufacturing – which is essential for verification of the electronics design – but bulk manufacturing too. This service is also available with your Layout design, in that way you do not have to worry about administration and we test the final products at your desire.

Áramkör tervezés
3D nyomtatás

3D printing and mechanical design

Our capabilities of 3D printing technology at the moment are FDM and SLA, which can use a bunch of different materials for printing. In many cases it is possible to manufacture the end product with this technology, so we offer also low volume manufacturing. To meet the needs of the 21st century, our services also extend to the field of 3D mechanical design and modeling.
Our 3D design service includes smaller parts, from instrument box design to simpler mechatronic machines. As it is important for us to protect our environment, we consider this option important as most of the possible design errors can be eliminated before the actual production thus significantly reducing the number of prototypes, waste and of course costs. Using 3D printing technology, prototypes can be created at speeds previously unimaginable, such as before injection molding used in series production.
Our printing technology capabilities include FDM and SLA technologies where a wide variety of materials can be used. In many cases a finished product can already be manufactured with these technologies so it is possible to produce in small series.

EMC measurement

The well-equipped, regularly calibrated measuring devices and of course our experienced team is the guarantee for a high chance to get your product a clearance in an accredited EMC lab, just for a significantly lower price, which is a critical point in an R&D project. Another advantage is the opportunity for EMC consulting with our experienced team members. Because all circuits on the market are subject to EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) standards, the absence or non-observance of which can even have serious safety consequences. For example, no one wants the radio radiation generated by a cell phone call to interfere with another person - or their own pacemaker.
We can perform prequalification measurements in our partner's high-frequency laboratory, where it is possible to perform measurements of military, aerospace, automotive, industrial and consumer classifications and levels. Their regularly calibrated measuring instruments are a guarantee that the instrument will also pass an EMC qualification exam.
The advantage of this service is that due to its pre-qualification level, professional results can be achieved at a significantly lower price and due to our experience in the field, we are also available for advices.

EMC mérés
Szoftver és applikációfejlesztés

Software Development

Thanks to the increasing degree of integration, software development has become so necessary that nowadays there are few devices on which no program or even operating system is running. In order to have a full range of services, we also undertake software development.
Our capabilities range from simpler embedded systems (RTOS) to GUIs to smartphone applications. We also develop IoT systems (LoRa and GSM) and prefer Linux-based operating systems for their outstanding stability and efficient resource management.
If you have any further questions, please contact us!


"In a world where vehicles are able to fly higher
than even the strongest eagle, anything is possible!"
- Stephen King

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Márton Nagy

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